Boosting Profits, Boosting Health in Food and Beverage Operations (2013)

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Participants will be introduced to some of the key principles to making food and beverage operations financially successful, as well as healthier, with a focus on captive market settings such as concessions and parks.  The webinar will provide highlights on the following:

  • Strategies for managing the food and labor numbers
  • What it takes to make concessions a healthy, stand-alone business
  • What items to sell and what items to avoid for maximum effect
  • Looking at the current food trends to adjust  concession offerings
  • How to navigate and direct  vendors/suppliers
  • Special issues around vending machine outlets

Presenters:  Kenny Handler, Profitable Food Facilities, Julie Ralston Aoki, Public Health Law Center (moderator)

Two handouts were developed for this webinar:  Five Steps to Food and Beverage Success and Tips for Better Vending.